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Prestressed Concrete Pile Plant

Prestressed Concrete Piles

Prestressed concrete piling are one of the notable elements in marine structures, bridges and buildings across the world. we produce them in different sizes in accordance with your need. many places have unsuitable and poor soil requiring pile foundation for even relatively light structures.  In such areas  Prestressed pilling construction has gradually become a usual method in construction having been proven the reasonable and logical  material choice where durability, economy and permanence must be considered. Heavy marine structures mostly rely on piling
foundations driven through deep  water or through deep layer of inappropriate material for their support. concrete piles can be produced as precast elements or at site plan.

The production methods of precast prestressed concrete piles :

 Form-work : 


Slipformer Machine:


Spinning Machine:

This method is mostly similar to producing round prestressed concrete poles although the size which is used for each is different.

TBM Company is able to provide prestressed concrete piles plant in accordance with all methods 


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