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Prestressed Concrete Pole Machinery

Prestressed Concrete Poles:

When it comes to durability and perfect structural design, prestressed concrete is an effective solution for power poles. We design and run production line for spun prestressed concrete poles to meet your need in any location across the world.

The production of round concrete poles includes the 2 following parts :

A-  PC-wire cage Preparation:

  • Cutting the PC- wires in specified lengths.
  • Heading the PC-wires endings.
  • Producing wire spiral & ring stirrups
  • Assembling the PC-wire cage

B- Pole production steps:                                  

  • Placing PC-wire cage within the molds
  • Concrete casting process
  • Closing the molds
  • Pulling the PC-wires by tensile machine
  • Moving the molds onto spinning machine
  • Spinning process
  • Transferring the molds to storm room for concrete curing
  • Demolding operation
  • Transferring the molds to stock storage



Production Line Machinery

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