Prestressed Concrete T-Beam

T-Beam is a globally used product for roofing and flooring system, Prestressed T-Beam can be produced to different size of length and resists against 300 Ton live load. We can provide T-Beam plants for our clients in accordance with the latest technology to improve the final product quality. If you care about your time, fire rated construction, heavy loading, long spans  and most of all economic construction we suggest you T-Beams

Production Method:

The production process of T-Beam is somehow similar to hollow core slabs production, T-Beam is supplied on a production bed around 100 meter length. it consists of two abutments ends, They have the ability to support huge forces transmitted by the prestressed PC-Wire (or PC-Strands). The production beds have also rail way for the production machines. you can use Slipformer or Wetcasting machine to produce T-Beam. In Iran using slipformer machine is more usual

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