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Prestressed Concrete Pole Machinery

بتن پیش تنیده٬ پمپ٬ پی سی وایر٬ پیش تنیدگی٬ تجهیز بتن مهدی٬ تیر اچ٬ تیر برق٬ تیر برق اچ٬ تیر گرد پیش تنیده٬ تیرچه٬ تیرچه پیش تنیده٬ جک٬ خط تولید٬ دستگاه اسپیرال٬ دستگاه سانتریفیوژ٬ دستگاه شاخه کن مفتول٬ دستگاه فیدر٬ دستگاه کشش٬ قائم بتن خراسان٬ قالب٬ قالب تیر گرد

Prestressed Concrete Poles: When it comes to durability and perfect structural design, prestressed concrete is an effective solution for power poles. We design and run production line for spun prestressed concrete poles to meet your need in any location across the world. The production of round concrete poles includes the …

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Prestressed Concrete Pile Plant

Prestressed Concrete Piles Production By Spinning Machine

Prestressed Concrete Piles Prestressed concrete piling are one of the notable elements in marine structures, bridges and buildings across the world. we produce them in different sizes in accordance with your need. many places have unsuitable and poor soil requiring pile foundation for even relatively light structures.  In such areas …

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